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Mary Magdalene - The Sacred Feminine

The restoration of the Sacred Feminine is a key to healing the violence and fear that is rampart in our culture.

For over 20 years, Marge has been devoted to sharing her research and insight into this woman of faith and compassion.

In June, 2012, during a Venus transit of the Sun, Marge received the first of many messages from Mary Magdalene.

The primary teachings given to her are the Seven Graces of Mary Magdalene:
Humility, Joy, Valor, Compassion, Respect, Beauty, and Devotion.

Marge shares these teachings in retreats and workshops. Call on her for more information.

Read the homily given by Eileen DiFranco, RCWP, at the anniversary celebration of the St. Mary Magdalene Community. A powerful and timely message.
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